JSON For mIRC is a mIRC script that makes use of mIRC's COM interface to parse and access JSON data. Boasting a rich feature set, JSON For mIRC aims to be comprehensive, light-weight and blazingly fast.

After scouring the web for a well coded JSON parser, a script by Timi was discovered that made use of mIRC's COM interface. Timi's JSON parser was functional and comparatively fast but it was found to have many inefficiencies. Due to such, SReject began to write his own version and JSON For mIRC was born.

The first version brought parsing and accessing but due to poor planning and being built from a piecemeal of personal specialized snippets, the original release had many flaws. As bugs were patched the codebase became harder to manage resulting in an ever increasing difficulty to patch bugs or add new features.

While the project struggled to maintain itself new features were added to mIRC and many coding discoveries were made; this gave rise to a complete rewrite. The rewrite is better planned, held to a higher set of coding guidelines, is open source and version controlled via git/github.

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